Advanced Security and System Support for professional traders.

Security experts agree, it’s only a matter of time until you get hacked.

How would it affect you, if all your login details, passwords, personal information and bank account logins fell into the wrong hands?

It doesn't have to be that way.

You CAN get complete protection.


Host Technology PRO Trader Security.

The only security software with complete lockdown and application whitelisting policies to cover all trading platforms.

With Host Technology protection you can lockdown your system(s) so even if a threat made it through your defences, it wouldn’t be able to run.

This new technology keeps your trading system 100% safe, and it’s far more affordable than other high-end data protection services that are less effective and far more expensive.

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Protect your trading platform 100% against hackers and malware

Enter your details and see just how affordable 100% protection is

Trillion trades executed on a daily basis
Million traders not completely protected
Of UK small businesses suffered a breach in 2016
Personal records stolen from Equifax in 2017
Protected by Host Technology in the USA and UK

Pro Trader Security Services

corporate security


For any organisation looking to secure their users from cyber attacks, existing or unknown. Host Technology provides unparalleled defence against these ever increasing threats.


Advanced Cyber Security Software.
Pro Trader Security 12 Month Sub.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Unlimited Telephone Support
10am – 6pm Monday to Friday

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We offer the opportunity for companies or individuals looking to become a reseller or referral partner. Alternatively, why not introduce new products to our existing portfolio.

Pro Trader Security is a service for those who ask: How can I protect my trading platform for malware, antivirus, and ransomware.

It's a 100% effective software solution for traders of all sizes and companies with a number of computers with trading software installed.

In 2016, 87% of small businesses in the UK experienced some sort of breach. Don't let this happen to your trading platform. Get a free quote on Pro Trader Security today.

Pro traders the world over understand risk, but when it comes to hacking, there should be none at all. With Pro Trader Secuirty we remove all risk and keep your trading platform 100% protected.

Our security software for pro traders supports these and many other trading platforms.

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